Founded in 2018, Zelos Audio is an Orlando-based audio engineering service. We believe in the experience of sound — from creation to performance, we’re here to ensure your auditory experience sounds its absolute best. 


We start each project by discussing your artistic vision in order to gain a deep understanding of your project’s objective. From there, we pursue your project with fine-tuned focus and enthusiasm to achieve your desired sound.


If you resonate with our mission, our Mixing, Mastering, and Live Sound services can be the next steps in pursuit of perfecting your sound. 

Zelos - Zēlos, "zeal" - great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.


We take your project and bring it towards the vision you have

Creating balance and cohesion within your tracks to give them a professional sound


We give your tracks the polished sound you desire

Allowing them the ability to be played back transparently through all speakers from bluetooth to club systems


We've learned relying on a venue's house engineer isn't always a good choice

We can help craft your show to translate from recording to live performance seamlessly